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Seabourn Announces 2025-26 Expedition Cruises, with 20% Savings on Greenland - Alaska Sailings

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Seabourn has unveiled its ultra-luxury expedition cruise 2025-2026 season – celebrating new itineraries and places to explore with a special savings offer on one of the hottest expedition cruise itineraries today: the Northwest Passage between Greenland and Alaska across the top of the world! 
In 2025 and 2026, Seabourn’s two brand-new expedition ships: Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit, will sail more than 40 voyages to the Arctic, Antarctica, the Amazon, the Kimberley region in Australia, the South Pacific, the bucket list destination of the Northwest Passage, and more.
All 2025 and 2026 expedition voyages are now on sale –
ask us for full itinerary details and pricing to lock in your ideal choice of itinerary, dates and suite!
Seabourn’s expedition cruises sail you in the lap of luxury, with unforgettable ‘Seabourn Moments,’ to the wonders of the world and hands-on into history and human culture, for active, intrepid cruise travelers who also enjoy luxury cruising.
The season will feature all-newly curated Seabourn experiences, including:
  • A pearl reveal in the Kimberley alongside a master pearl cultivator while overlooking Kuri Bay in Australia
  • Visiting the Torngat Mountains National Park in Labrador in the Canadian Arctic, an Inuit-run reserve and home to polar bears and black bears
  • Transiting the narrow passage of the Bellot Strait and marveling at the colorful tundra and varied wildlife in the Northwest Passage
  • A night safari in the Amazon to spot nocturnal predators, such as black caiman stalking their prey along the banks
  • Snorkeling and scuba diving the stunning coral reefs of Fiji
Embark on an extraordinary journey through time and nature as you traverse the legendary Northwest Passage, a sea corridor that has intrigued explorers for centuries, all while experiencing the pinnacle of ultra luxury on board intimate Seabourn expedition ships.
Limited suites available! Contact us now to book.
Aug 7, 2025 | Seabourn Venture
From Kangerlussuaq, Greenland to Nome, Alaska
Aug 28, 2025 | Seabourn Venture
From Nome, Alaska to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland
Other Seabourn Expedition Cruises in 2025-2026 include:
Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland
Seabourn Venture will sail to the Arctic on voyages designed for guests who like to carve their own path and go where few have gone before. Newly expanded, Seabourn’s thrilling Svalbard experience will head through areas many other ships can’t reach, arriving just 600 miles from the North Pole for views of glittering towers of ice and wildlife on pack ice, including the elusive polar bear, through the ship’s cutting-edge GSS Cineflex camera. These voyages will offer connections with indigenous Arctic communities to discover their rich history and relationship with the natural elements. Featured expedition experiences include an optional overnight at the stunning luxury campsite of Camp Kangiusaq, Greenland; a driving tour of Lake Mývatn near Akureyri, home to Goðafoss, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland; a walking tour of Qaqortoq in southwest Greenland; and an optional exploration of the ice sculptures of Lofthellir Cave, formed naturally through thousands of years of dripping water.
Seabourn Venture will offer itineraries of eight to 26 days in length to Svalbard from mid-May to mid-June in 2025, between Reykjavik and Edinburgh or roundtrip from Edinburgh. The ship will also offer a 12-day voyage to explore Greenland from Reykjavik to Kangerlussuaqin late July 2025. Both voyages will include pre- and/or post-cruise charter hotel stays in Edinburgh or Reykjavik.
Northwest Passage and Canadian Arctic
Seabourn Venture will offer two back-to-back 23-day voyages across the legendary Northwest Passage. Guests on these extraordinary voyages will experience the beauty of nature and the midnight sun lighting the way through the largest icebergs in the northern hemisphere, abundant sea life, diverse wildlife including polar bears, walruses, and more. Guests will gain new perspective through connections with indigenous communities that reveal rich history and traditions while passing along an understanding of what it takes to live their self-sustaining ways of life. Expedition experiences include an Arctic Circle Trail Hike in Sisimiut, Greenland; a guided tour in Pond Inlet at Nunavut, Canada, where guests may shop local handicrafts and get to know the local Inuit community; and a walk through the Sermermiut Valley to the Ilulissat Icefjord Centre in Ilulissat, Greenland. There will also be a number of Zodiac and hiking expedition experiences throughout the Northwest Passage, including Beechy Island, Cambridge Bay, Bellot Strait and more. Featured destinations include modern, must-see Ilulissat in Greenland, named for the massive icebergs of the Jakobshavn Glacier, and Croker Bay, Devon Island, Nunavut, where a Zodiac expedition into the heart of a glacier-fed fjord will find fulmars, kittiwakes, walruses, and bearded seals.
Seabourn Venture will depart August 6, 2025, from Reykjavik to Anchorage, Alaska, followed by a second voyage departing August 27, 2025, from Anchorage to Reykjavik. Both voyages will include pre- and post-cruise charter hotel stays in Anchorage and Reykjavik.
The Amazon
Guests can take a safari-at-sea deep into the Amazon on Seabourn Venture, with roundtrip itineraries from Manaus that provide intimate access to rarely visited areas. Guests will have the opportunity to board Zodiacs by day or night to glimpse giant Amazonian lily pads, dancing pink botos, night owls, and hoatzin that practically pose for cameras amid the Varzea ecosystem created by the mighty river. The expert naturalists on the ship’s Expedition Team will be along to provide in-the-field education as guides introduce rich agricultural traditions of the subsistent economies that sustain themselves in the cyclical climate of the region. Optional expedition experiences offered will include kayaking excursions on the Amazon River.
Seabourn Venture will offer two nine-day voyages roundtrip from Manaus, departing October 12, 2025 and October 21, 2025. The ship will also sail on a 12-day voyage from Manaus to Rio de Janeiro departing October 30, 2025.
Antarctica, South Georgia and Falkland Islands
Both Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit will explore the beauty and majesty of Antarctica. These itineraries will offer included Zodiac outings to cruise among towering icebergs, observe penguin colonies up close, and join the ship’s Expedition Team to walk and hike across untouched and seldom-seen landscapes. Optional kayaking and submarine excursions will also be available. Weather permitting, examples of locations the ships may visit include the iconic photographic destination of Lemaire Channel/Kodak Gap; the alien landscape of Deception Island in black, grey and red; and Neko Harbour, a small cove kissed by cold winds, crackling sea ice, and the distant thunder of icebergs tumbling into the sea.
Between November 2025 through March 2026, Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit will make 16 departures of 11- and 13-day voyages to Antarctica. All voyages include a pre-cruise charter hotel stay in Buenos Aires and roundtrip charter flights to Ushuaia, from where the ship will depart.
The sub-Antarctic islands of South Georgia and the Falklands are as rich in biomass and photo-worthy landscapes as the nutrient-rich seas around them. South Georgia is home to king penguins, fur seals by the millions, plus multitudes of nesting albatross, rockhopper penguins and even an endemic songbird, the South Georgia pipit. In the Falkland Islands, guests may meet the two inhabitants of West Point Island as they gaze over their idyllic sheep farm surrounded by cliffs dotted with albatross nests. Included expedition experiences and featured destinations may include Bluff Cove Lagoon: Penguins & Tea outside of Stanley in the West Falklands; Stromness in South Georgia, site of the end of Ernest Shackleton’s famed expedition, where guests can recreate the final crossing to safety; and Grytviken, Shackleton’s final resting place and now a living museum in South Georgia history.
Choose from two 21-day voyages on Seabourn Pursuit departing December 16, 2025 and February 26, 2026 roundtrip from Buenos Aires; or a 28-day sailing on Seabourn Venture departing November 11, 2025 from Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires. Voyages include a pre-cruise charter hotel stay in Buenos Aires and roundtrip charter flights to Ushuaia, from where the ship will depart.
Australia & the Kimberley Coast
Seabourn Pursuit will sail through one of the world’s few remaining wild frontiers in the northwest corner of Australia, with rugged sandstone peaks, gushing waterfalls, sunken mangrove forests, and more. The voyages to the Kimberley region will offer a number of included expedition experiences designed to get travelers out of their comfort zones, such as a cruise along the wildlife-filled Ord River; a scenic flight over the beehive-shaped domes of the Bungle Bungles sandstone range, a UNESCO World Heritage Site; and a Zodiac exploration of Montgomery Reef, home to some of the biggest tidal changes in the world. Experiences that explore local indigenous cultures will also be available, including a traditional face painting ceremony with the Wunambal Gaambera, the traditional landowners of Freshwater Cove, followed by a traditional smoke ceremony to send guests off with well wishes and a safe journey. Wildlife in the area includes saltwater and freshwater crocodiles, tawny nurse sharks, short-eared rock wallabies, white-bellied sea eagles, rainbow bee-eaters, and flying foxes.
Between May and July 2025, Seabourn Pursuit will explore the region with a series of 10-day departures between Broome and Darwin, Australia.
South Pacific
Seabourn Pursuit will sail through some of the least-traveled islands and atolls in the world, with itineraries designed with no two experiences alike. Explore unspoiled coral reefs with diverse fish populations, relics of World War II action in the Pacific Theater, and incredible local communities that are open to sharing their traditions and homes amid life in the most remote region on Earth. Guests will be captivated by one of seafaring’s greatest tales on Easter & Pitcairn Islands: Marooned, Moai, and Mutineers, with the opportunity to explore the legacy of indigenous Rapa Nui on one island and commune with the intrepid descendants of the famed Mutineers who abandoned The Bounty and made their home on another. Access the crystal-clear waters of Raja Ampat to snorkel or scuba reefs hidden among dramatic limestone karsts and experience an immersive cultural rendezvous in the rarely visited Asmat region of West Papua on Remote Shores of New Guinea & Indonesia. Local culture and history will also be front and center through encounters with tribes and communities who explored and settled the Pacific Ocean via ingenious navigation techniques on Polynesia to Melanesia: Island Cultures & Coral Gardens.
Seabourn Pursuit will sail on four voyages: a pair of 20-day voyages departing March 18, 2025 from San Antonio, Chile to Papeete, Tahiti; and October 10, 2025 from Papeete to San Antonio; an 18-day voyage from Papeete to Sydney departing April 7, 2025; and a 16-day Remote Shores of New Guinea & Indonesia departing April 24, 2025, from Sydney to Darwin.
Exploration, Adventure, and Luxurious Comfort on Seabourn Expedition Ships
Both Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit offer the same luxurious small ship experience that travelers have come to expect from Seabourn, enhanced by world-class equipment that allows the line to offer its widest range of expedition activities led by an expert 24-person expedition team of scientists, scholars, naturalists, and more. Designed and built for remote, diverse environments to PC6 Polar Class standards, the ship includes a plethora of modern hardware and technology that extends the ship’s global deployment and capabilities. There is close to 30,000 square feet of deck space and special touches at every turn, as well as indoor and outdoor guest areas with nearly 270-degree views. In addition, a 4K GSS Cineflex Camera is mounted on the mast of the Constellation Lounge and capable of broadcasting imagery from miles ahead on monitors located throughout the ship and in guest suites.
The ships are also equipped with enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity with SpaceX’s Starlink, providing its expedition guests with faster service, greater connectivity and more reliable Wi-Fi wherever Starlink’s services are available.
Seabourn Pursuit and Seabourn Venture, like the rest of the ships in the Seabourn fleet, offer an abundance of space and elegance, eight dining experiences serving gourmet cuisine, and luxurious all-suite accommodations, including a pair of two-level Wintergarden suites.
Images: Seabourn
*** Terms & Conditions apply; ask us for full itinerary and pricing details.
Terms, conditions and restrictions apply; pricing, availability, and other details subject to change and/ or apply to US or Canadian residents. Please confirm details and booking information with your travel advisor.

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